Shut up and give me my ten bucks per month

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A little bit of Everquest history...

You (Milo -- or whatever you call yourself) wrote,

"I only blow off people who act like dorks -- and I ain't 'fraid o' no dork, not in real life or anywhere else."


When I think of your picture, I think of that fat comic store character on The Simpsons. I bet you fit the bill.

I'm 5'8 - 130 - Master Jeet Kune Do - You say you're not afraid of little dorks, well I fit that bill. I'll be down around your offices next month and want to know if you will keep your word, come out and spar with me for 5 mins. I'll show you what a dork can do.

BTW - JKD Sparing is FULL CONTACT. I bet you'll run away and cry..

You're are dumb {censored} - based on your lame ass replys to people, man your a {censored} moron.... MILO THE MORON.


PS - I'll be there asking for you, you better at least show your face, even if you don't want to spar with me. There is no way in hell I would FIGHT you.. I would destroy you.

Milo Says: Shut up and give me my ten bucks per month, little man. My Porsche needs some performance upgrades.

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