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Welcome to OLGWiki. I'm your host, Rasputin.

I decided to change the name to something a little more comprehensible than For The Children. People will understand things better now.

There's a lot of work to be done, including editing and creation of new pages. Everything from the old Wiki has been imported by hand by myself and Alrindel. Many thanks to him for that. Since it's deprecated, the phpwiki has been closed.

Categorization has begun. Also, for those who need it you can view the index of all pages, check for Wanted Pages or link up some dead-end pages.

Also, you'll have to create an account to do anything on OLGWiki. There have been a lot of problems with linkspam.

Furthermore, I have modified the user rights so that I must add you to an editing group. Spammers begone.

I can be emailed on my userpage using the "email user" function. Request and I will add. Prove to me you're not a bot.

Please read Style Guidelines before hacking anything apart.


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